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Welcome to Vantaa Diving Team – We dive in a good company!

Vantaa Diving Team (Uimahyppyseura Vantaa Diving) was founded in November 2012. Our activity sectors are:

  1. Baby and family swimming and
  2. Diving.

There are around 700 members, and around 20 instructors and coaches in the team. Vantaa Diving is the biggest diving team in Finland and it is a member of the Finnish Swimming Association.

Baby and family swimming

Baby and family swimming is an activity designed for children aged from three months to about five years, and their parents. Baby and family swimming gives safe and joyful moments to the whole family, and teaches how to move and play in water.

Pools and spas filling the criteria set by FSL (Finnish Swimming Teaching and Lifesaving Federation) can be given a Safe Baby and Family Swimming Place diploma, which is valid for two years. Vantaa Diving is one of the Safe Baby and Family Swimming Places. 

”Unbelievable how our baby has learnt to dive! Time flies while swimming; the whole family loves to play in water,” say Mom and Dad with a seven month old baby.


Diving is a beautiful sport where the diver jumps into a pool from a platform or springboard at a range of heights. Diving practice helps develop many of the same characteristics as gymnastics and dancing, such as strength, flexibility, kinesthetic judgment and air awareness. During competitions, divers have to perform a set number of dives, and a dive breaks down into three main phases: takeoff, flight and entry. Divers enter the water headfirst and vertically from a springboard (1m, 3m) or platform (5m, 7.5m and 10m).

Vantaa Diving has different groups for divers depending on their level and age. There are training groups for beginners as well as for advanced divers. Our youngest divers are about four years old with the oldest being about 60, even though there is no upper limit. 

We offer everybody an opportunity to enjoy and develop in this fun and inspiring sport. In our team, the young can grow up athletes thanks to professional training. The best divers in Vantaa Diving Team are also members of the Finnish National Team.

Interested in Diving or Baby and Family Swimming? Feel free to contact us!


Baby and family swimming:

Tel.: 044 5221077

Roope Rundgren is performing an inward dive pike while coach Sirja Rytkönen is watching thoroughly. Roope is one of our young competitive divers, having among other awards won a silver medal in the Scandinavian Championships, November 2014, Jönköping.